WordCamp Manila 2016 was a huge success













After years of waiting for another WordCamp to happen here in the Philippines, we are now back before 2016 ends. We sold out at least 120 slots 3 weeks before the event proper. As much as we want to accommodate more but our venue is can comfortably house 100 people so we have to close out the registration early.

We started out by opening the registration desk at 8AM, our guys preparing badges and swags

Below you can see Andrew dela Serna from Automattic with our front desk registration team along with one of our speakers Bob Reyes from Mozilla.


After the registration, we have our doughnuts and coffee for breakfast while waiting for the program to start at 9AM.

The program officially opened by our emcees Sarah & Dreb.

Andrew dela Serna is the one that pioneered the WordCamp here in the Philippines and we are grateful that he was able to come all the way from Davao to speak about how they work at Automattic.

Our 2nd speaker came all the way from Vietnam, Dat Hoang comes from the Community Support of WPML and talked about Going Global with WordPress Multilingual

During our breaks, we played some jazz music in relation to the WordPress release versions.

3rd speaker is Paul de Paula, our friend from the Drupal Pilipinas. He spoke about Scaling WordPress for High Traffic Sites.

Our 4th speaker is also from WPML, Emerson Manigo and came all the way from Cebu. He talked about Making Developer-friendly WordPress Plugins

Here’s some of the people that appreciated the swags, badges and giveaways.



The Fifth speaker is El Abquina which talked about Faster WordPress Workflows.

Our 6th speaker is Edison Go Tan, one of our good friend from the Microsoft Community. He talked about WordPress on Microsoft Azure.

The 7th speaker is one of the Open Source advocate here in the Philippines, Bob Reyes from Mozilla. He talked about the Firefox Developer tools for WordPress Development.

Our 8th speaker, Ian Labao talked about Ways to Monetize Your WordPress site.

Last but not the least, one of our friends from Baguio, Jason Bruno talked about chichi and using WordPress as a Framework.

We treated the volunteers, speakers, sponsors and the organizers a dinner and invited everyone in the afterparty to celebrate the success of the event.

*Thanks goes to the owners of the Instagram account that shared their pictures.

See you on the next WordCamp Manila 2017!

Want to be a part of the next WordCamp? We will be needing a lot of help and planning in advance, to the venue or sponsor wranglings, please get in touch with us as early as possible or fill-up the interest form.




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